Bloody Awful

Brytewood Series - Book 2

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Georgia Evans

Kensington - July 2009

WWII - Fantasy

By day, Gloria Prewitt is a nurse. Occasionally by night, and perhaps by day if necessary, Gloria is a fox. A werefox. An Other, like so many, unknown to her, in the village of Brytewood. But she wasn't a fox the night she was hit by Andrew Barron. She ended up with a broken ankle and an invitation to dinner and movies.

Andrew's work was a military secret, so the entire village knew. Unfortunately, the Third Reich was also aware and had infiltrated their community, with vampires. Now, Andrew and Gloria, with the help of friends who had recently dispatched a vampire, must confront their newest threat.

Bloody Awful is a fun, fast-paced fantasy that was a very entertaining read. This is the second story in Georgia Evans' Brytewood trilogy, and I suggest reading Bloody Good first. Although primarily a fantasy, this story does include a romance. I enjoyed the characters, meeting more Other, and the simple life that continues in the midst of war. My only complaint is that there were "typos", but not enough to detract. I am eager to read Bloody Right.

Kathy Andrico -


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