Bloody Good

Brytewood Series - Book 1

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Georgia Evans

Kensington - June 2009

WWII - Fantasy

Like everyone else, Alice Doyle worried about loved ones fighting in the war. As the local doctor, she was responsible with helping everyone, even those who doubted her abilities. She had enough problems, and she was short handed. She needed help.

Peter Watson was help she would have been eager to accept, until she learned the truth about him - he was a Conscientious Objector. Everyone else seemed willing enough to welcome him, but Alice had no intention in joining them. There was a war, and he should be doing his part to help.

What neither of them realize was that the war was coming to them. Nazi vampires have arrived in Brytewood, and it would take all types to conquer them.

Bloody Good was a much anticipated fantasy. Who knew the Nazis had enlisted the aid of vampires to fight in the war? But the vampires seem to have their own agenda - and neither plan is good for Brytewood residents - or even all of humanity. Although primarily a fantasy, this story does include a romance. Once she overcomes her initial prejudices towards Peter for being a "conscie", Alice realizes that he is very heroic and perfect. I was very happy to know that all three stories would be released close together. Bloody Good simply was bloody good!

Kathy Andrico -