Emergency Engagement

Harlequin American #1056

By Michele Dunaway

February 2005

Contemporary Romance

From the moment Dr. Quinton Searle saw Beth Johnson in the hospital, there was something that piqued his interest. She obviously cared deeply for her daughter, even if he considered it slightly careless that the 4 year old managed to get into her mother's medicine. Anyone can make a mistake. But it is when he is invited to a bachelor party, and discovers that Beth is the dancer that he fears that he had made a mistake. After all, what kind of woman would make a living doing that?

Beth was desperate. She had needed the rent money, so had agreed to dance at a party. Nothing too risque, but when Quinton ruins it for her, and she doesn't get her money, Beth knows that she and her daughter will soon be living in a shelter - if they're lucky. But luck had never been something bestowed on Beth. She worked hard, and didn't even scrape by. So when Dr. Searle shows up one more time, she knows it can't be luck, and his offer will more than likely backfire. He just wants her to pose as his girlfriend, it shouldn't be too hard. How could it backfire? Perhaps, maybe, if she and her daughter start falling in love with the doctor.

Michele Dunaway has written yet another heartfelt romance. The story is an easy read, and the characters are well developed, and realistic.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com