About Last Night

Harlequin American #1008

By Michele Dunaway

February 2004

Contemporary Romance

Lindy Brinks had always known that she wasn't smart when it came to her boss. Over the past three years, her tasks as his personal assistant had encompassed both the professional and personal. So she should have known better. She did know better, yet then she found herself in his bed, after a night both remarkable and divinely memorable.

The problem was, Shane Jacobsen couldn't remember a thing. He highly suspected that he had been with someone the night before, but a combination of prescription medication, and alcohol seemed to have created some severe side affects. Most who found themselves in this predicament would be stumped as to finding the anonymous lady, but not Shane. He had Lindy. He knew he could count on her for anything. He didn't know what he would do without her.

But just as one plus one typically equaled two, this time, it equaled three. Lindy knew that she couldn't continue working as Shane's lackey, no matter how much she loved him. She was going to have his baby, and she had to leave, before he realized the truth of who the father was. She never counted on Shane's matchmaking - and slightly conniving - grandpa, and the Jacobsen determination to always get what they want.

This book had a slight feel that it is part of a series, but it did not detract from the story. This story has a lively cast of characters, all scrambling to make Shane realize what he had just figured out on his own, a heroine determined not to succumb to her baby's father's playboy charm, and a hero who has finally realized that the one he had always taken for granted, is the one he can't live without.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com