Aztec Security Series - Book 2

By Jerri Drennen

Samhain Publishing - December 2007

Romantic Suspense

The following review contains spoilers from Inventing the Abbotts, Book 1 of the Aztec Security series.

Yancy Adams was a marked man. His supposed death, and reappearance in the Grayson compound had his co-workers wondering about his loyalties. Had he truly been undercover, or was he, even now, still working for Grayson? At the same time, Yancy knows that Grayson wants him dead. Determined to bring Grayson down, Yancy goes on assignment with Mauve O'Connor. Not that this helped ease his concerns. If anything, Mauve was out for his blood even more than Grayson, and she was a fellow agent.

Mauve didn't know what to make of Yancy. She was still annoyed with him from their one night together, and she didn't necessarily believe that he was telling the truth now. She wanted to distance herself from him, and had no qualms in lying to him about how that night made her feel. But there was no lying to herself. She hated watching Yancy court their target, and wanted his attention on her.

Mauvelous is an enjoyable story in the Aztec Security series. We had met Yancy and Mauve in Inventing the Abbotts, and I've been eagerly anticipating their story ever since. Yancy is a hero, even though Mauve is determined to think the worst of him. I enjoyed their bickering and not-quite hidden attraction for each other. They were a perfect match. I eagerly await the next story.

Kathy Andrico -