Inventing the Abbotts

Aztec Security Series - Book 1

By Jerri Drennen

Samhain Publishing - August 2007

Romantic Suspense

Thorn Abbott was on his first field assignment, backup to Ava Stanton. She was a woman who could turn any man's mind to mush, particularly Thorn. Her sex appeal was ideal for their current mission. However, her inability to always follow the rules was why Thorn wanted to be backup. She drove him nuts, but he cared about her and wanted her to be safe. And keeping his eyes on her was not only pleasant, but kept him sane from worry.

Ava cared for Thorn like a brother, but he didn't know how to work in the field. He was a computer guy, not an agent, and she had much more experience and knowledge. Ava knew how to lure their target, and she'd use all the weapons nature gave her to do so. She had no intention of allowing him to kill again And if her conduct annoyed Thorn, then that was his problem.

But Thorn suddenly didn't seem to be so annoyed. He shocked her with some of his actions, and seemed to be interested in another woman. His new attitude didn't sit well with Ava. She had never before realized how hot he was, but this was Thorn. The guy she'd considered to be like a brother.

Soon they were racing through the Louisiana bayou, running for their lives. And as is always the case, it takes a life or death struggle to make people truly realize their feelings for each other.

Inventing the Abbots was a fun, fast paced, romantic suspense that was the perfect introduction to Jerri Drennen's Aztec Security series. I loved Thorn from the first page. He has rather realistic non-expectations when it comes to Ava. He knows that she never has committed relationships and any chance that he has with her is slim, but he still recognizes his feelings. It is when he decides the heck with it, and pretty much shows her what she is missing that I absolutely adored this hero. He may be a geek, but he's a geek with determination, and that is what he'll need to win Ava, and keep her safe.

Kathy Andrico -