Aztec Security Series - Book 3

By Jerri Drennen

Samhain Publishing - March 2008

Romantic Suspense

The following review contains spoilers from Mauvelous, Book 2 of the Aztec Security series.

As Aztec Security's newest recruit, Cadence Fleming needed training. She would have liked to have had Yancy Adams train her, in fact, she had thought that they had been starting a relationship. That was until she learned that he had simply been undercover trying to take someone down. Cadence had been crushed to learn that Yancy wasn't truly interested in her, but she was determined to join that same organization and do her part to make the world a better place, even if it meant working with Kent Jameson.

Kent didn't particularly like the idea of having to train Cadence. She was the type of woman he avoided, a smart woman. Too often, they found him someone they could socialize with in private, but ignore in public. Cadence, however, had no qualms of showing her disdain of him. How were they going to be able to work on her training when they couldn't be together more than ten minutes without arguing?

That solution came when someone decided to leave them in a remote area to resolve their differences. And if they manage to not kill each other, they should learn that there was a different undercurrent between them, plus they might be able to prevent a killer from striking again.

Caddy-Did is yet another enjoyable story in Jerri Drennen's Aztec Security series. Although this story does not directly involve a specific case, it was entertaining watching as a new recruit goes through the system. I truly felt for Cadence who had been rather badly used by Yancy in Mauvelous. True, it had been necessary for the case, but that did not ease her pain. I hope that Ms. Drennen continues this series.

Kathy Andrico -