Storm of Visions

The Chosen Ones Series - Book 1

By Christina Dodd

Signet - August 2009

Paranormal Romance

They were either the Chosen Ones or the Others. They were either good, or evil. From birth, they were destined to have great power. Depending on who found them, the child would be raised in an environment that would ultimately lead to sides of a great battle.

Jacqueline Vargha had tried to escape. Her mother had raised her to understand her gift, but she had no intention of following in her footsteps. She wanted to a normal life, but her destiny was not easy to escape.

Caleb D'Angelo was determined that Jacqueline come back and accept her responsibilities as one of the Chosen. It was what her mother wanted, and he was more than willing to follow her directives, much to Jacqueline's continued chagrin. Caleb had more reasons for wanting Jacqueline back, but that would have to wait. The fight between the Chosen Ones and the Others had taken a tragic turn. Someone in their group could be a betrayer and Caleb and Jacqueline knew that they only trusted one another in this war.

Storm of Visions was a fun read in what is certain to be an exciting new series. This new group of Chosen are diverse, but destined to grow together as they battle the Others. Caleb and Jacqueline were wonderful together. Although I was a bit annoyed with Jacqueline running away from her gift, Caleb, and her mother, she had been young and we see her mature into a woman suitable to be a heroine for Caleb. I did find the first couple of chapters confusing due to what was probably a determined "vagueness" to leave the readers guessing, but after that, the story simply flowed.

Kathy Andrico -