Second Time Around

Short Story in The Gift of Love Anthology

By HelenKay Dimon

Berkley Sensation - June 2010

Contemporary Romance

Eight authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Eight short stories overflowing with romance. The Gift of Love is an anthology of eight romances written to support a charity.

Heath Sanders was man enough to know he might be insecure about a couple things, but there one thing he was certain of. Serena Davis wanted him. As his son's teacher, she might have called him to a meeting about his son's behavior, but he had no doubt it was the residual effect of what he had done so many years earlier. When he had been young, stupid, and far too cocky.

Serena did not want Heath. Yes, she had been infatuated with him, but she was now an adult. She had been married, divorced, and was now a teacher. Heath was wrong. So was her sister. She did not understand why nobody believed her only reason to speak with Heath was for his son.

Second Time Around was an enjoyable romance finally bringing together two people who are now perfect for one another. Years before, they had not been right for one another. They had both needed the time to grow up and mature to be perfect for one another. I adored Heath. He was a wonderful hero, dedicated to his son and his uncle, and with just the right amount of cockiness to be endearing and win his heroine. There were a couple of small questions that were left at the end of the story, and I am hoping there will be another, for Serena's sister.

Included in The Gift of Love are: For the Love of Wendy by Lori Foster, Ava's Haven by Jules Bennett, Skin Deep by Heidi Betts, Atticus Gets a Mommy by Ann Christopher, The Redemption of Brodie Grant by Lisa Cooke, The Wolf Watcher's Diet by Paige Cuccaro, A Fairy Precious Love by Gia Dawn, and Second Time Around by HelenKay Dimon.

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