Baby It's Cold Outside

Men at Work Series - Book 1

By HelenKay Dimon

Samhain - February 2014

Contemporary Romance

Lincoln Campbell knew it was a mistake. He'd managed to avoid it since he'd hired Thea Marshall as his assistant. The attraction was there, but he wouldn't have sex with her. He couldn't have sex with her.

Linc had sex with Thea, and it was amazing. He'd say it was the best night of his life, but the morning after made the entire night before a bitter pill to swallow. The investigator had conclusive evidence - Thea was the mole who had provided confidential information to their competitor.

Thea had known it was a mistake to have sex with the boss, but she hadn't been thinking - only feeling. She had never expected to be fired the next day - or to be accused of a crime she hadn't committed. She couldn't stand to remain in the city so she left for the family cabin - wanting alone time from the memories. But she couldn't escape everything, a piece of Linc would be with her forever - she was pregnant with his child.

And just as she tried to come to terms with being in the family way, she opened the door to find Linc.

Baby, It's Cold Outside was a sexy story of two individuals who had been hurt by each other, but still wanting reconciliation. I was so glad that Linc showed up before he learned of Thea's pregnancy even though he considered her a suspect. But he believed in her and assumed she had valid reasons. Thea, on the other hand, knew that Linc had evidence against her, yet still found herself willing to put that aside and focus on a possible future together. And not just for the sake of their child. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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