The Entity Within

Entity Series - Book 2

By Cat Devon

St. Martin's Press - July 2013

Vampire Romance

Zoe Adams had come to Vamptown without even knowing it. She and her grandmother, Irma, were witches who had been expel... er rather decided to leave their coven in Boston and visit an old friend of Irma's. What she hadn't realized was just how old Nick was. She still wasn't sure how many centuries he or his friends were, but one thing she did know was that they were vampires. And one of them wanted her and Irma gone.

Damon Thornheart, vampire, demon hunter, had been brought in to be head of security. He was responsible for keeping the vampires safe, and he needed to do what he felt was required for that task. That started with having the witches leave. Unfortunately, his boss had asked them to stay. Then things got bad - demons started to attack.

And that was when things became even worse. Damon found himself thinking of Zoe as more than just nuisance.

The Entity Within follows in the quirky, fast paced, entertaining path of Sleeping With the Entity. We visit with the characters who already endeared themselves to readers, while the hero and heroine are both new to Vamptown. Although some of the sudden revelations seemed a tad too convenient in the past, they have grown to be part of the charm in this off-beat vampire romance series. It will be interesting to see where Cat Devon takes Vamptown next.

Kathy Andrico -

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