Sleeping With the Entity

Entity Series - Book 1

By Cat Devon

St. Martin's Press - June 2013

Vampire Romance

Daniella Delaney was excited. She'd worked hard for this moment - her cupcake bakery was just about to open, and nothing would dampen her spirit. She loved the hard work - developing new recipes and preparing her shop. She was eager to meet her fellow business owners - offer them some cupcakes, possibly make new friends. She had grown up in this town, and everything was going just as she had imagined. Well, until she visited Nick St. George at the neighborhood bar and grille. He told her that she didn't want to open her shop, but she did. Who did he think he was? Just because he led the local chamber of commerce did not mean he could tell her what she wanted, or didn't want, to do.

Nick couldn't figure out Daniella. He couldn't compel her, and neither could any of his fellow vamps. And great, now word was leaking to other vamps, and they were checking in on her. He found himself having to protect her from members of enemy clans, all the while having to come up with one lie after another. Soon, he wasn't able to lie to himself about wanting to be with Daniella whether she was in danger or not.

Sleeping With the Entity was a fun, fast paced sexy romance with witty repartee. It can be hard to fear the local vampires who regularly hang out in the, wait for it, Vamp Cave. And the humor just flies from there. The more vampires in the scene, the more entertaining the conversations would be, after all, one is a former clown. Sometimes the dialogue would lean a little too much towards silly, but that is forgiven considering the overriding entertainment this story provided. There is also suspense, in determining why a vampire has fixated on Daniella. And Nick's overwhelming desire to, um, protect her. At the core of this story is a passionate romance between a brooding, some might say grouchy, vampire, who can't eat food, and a chatty, perky cupcake baker.

Kathy Andrico -

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