The Emma Project

The Rajes Series - Book 4

By Sonali Dev

Harper Collins - May 2022

Contemporary Romance

Naina Kohli had been friends with the Raje family for years, then she and Yash Raje, her best friend, had agreed on a fake engagement. It had helped him in his political career. It had helped her with living life due to her overbearing father.

Then Yash had inconveniently fallen in love with India Dashwood. Naina had not only lost the shield against her father, but the friendships in the rest of the Raje family. It was awkward with Yash, and his sisters treated her as an enemy. Only the youngest Raje didn't treat Naina any differently, but Vansh lived a charmed life, and now was about to receive funding she had been promised.

Vansh hadn't planned to cut in on Naina's funding, but an unexpected discovery had made the opportunity too good to turn away. They could work together where they could both benefit. While working with Naina, he sees that in addition to being the intelligent caring woman he has always known her to be, he begins to also see Naina in an entirely different light. Vansh just needs to convince Naina he isn't the irresponsible, charmed, youngest member of a family she doesn't want to have any further dealings with.

The Emma Project was an entertaining romance between two individuals striving to save the world in their own way. Naina had used her fake engagement to spend years getting her foundation to this critical moment. Vansh hasn't been a slouch, having spent time with various charities around the world. It was interesting to see how Sonali Dev wove their shared history and competitive present into a harmonious future. Although part of a series, and it does have multiple references to Incense and Sensibility, The Emma Project does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico -

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