Recipe For Persuasion

The Rajes Series - Book 2

By Sonali Dev

Harper Collins - June 2020

Contemporary Romance

Ashna Raje needed a miracle. She was in danger of losing her father's restaurant. It had been so important to him, and she was willing to do almost anything to salvage it. Of course she hesitated when given the opportunity to be a contestant in a reality cooking show, where she would be partnered with a celebrity. The payment, exposure, and potential prize was something she desperately needed, but the idea of cooking in front of a camera was equally overwhelming.

Retired soccer star Rico Silva had expected Ashna to be surprised when she realized who she was paired with, but he never anticipated she'd almost injure herself, or that he would reinjure his knee as he rescued her. The awkward moment turned into a media frenzy that turned up the ratings for their show, and the public's interest in them. He had thought being with Ashna could put his feelings for her firmly in the past, but that had been wishful thinking. There were too many feelings, too many secrets and much too much of a connection. He needed to break through her defenses, help her reclaim the girl she had once been, learn her secrets and maybe they could have a future together.

Recipe For Persuasion is an emotional romance of reconciliation. I loved the concept of this reality cooking show and the interactions of the contestants. Ashna is a sweet heroine, caring and loving of her extended family and friends. Through the story, you learn the history of her relationship with her parents, which left emotional wounds. Unfortunately, that is also where the disastrous breakup with Rico fits in. It was lovely to see Ashna confront her past, but even better watching Rico navigate all the roadblocks placed in his path. He was the perfect hero for Ashna. Recipe For Persuasion does follow Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors, but stands on its own.

Kathy Andrico -

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