Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors

By Sonali Dev

Harper Collins - May 2019

Contemporary Romance

Trisha Raje knew her worth as a skilled surgeon. She was able to take the difficult cases and find solutions. They might not be perfect solutions, such as with Emma Caine. The young woman had a tumor growing around her optic nerve. With surgery, she would live, and for Trisha, that was a successful solution. However for Emma, it was an impossible choice. She was an artist, and refused a solution that would leave her blind.

DJ Caine would do anything for his sister, except accept her decision to die rather than choose the only solution that would save her life. Emma was his only family, and he had quit his job at an elite restaurant and had come to America to help any way he could. Luckily, he had friends, one who was a relative of Trisha, and he was thrilled she had taken Emma on as a patient. Meeting her in person, he was less than impressed. She might be brilliant in the operating room, but she was insulting each time he came in contact with her. He and Emma might not have been born into money, but they had worth.

He was trying to get his catering business off the ground in America, and needed to impress her family so he would be hired to cater several significant events. Unfortunately, DJ couldn't limit his association with Trisha to just doctor appointments because she had just become his contact for organizing the next event.

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors is certain to be a favorite for fans of Jane Austen and food. DJ is always experimenting with recipes, and reading the descriptions of the food experimentation and tastings is certain to make all readers hungry to try some. Sonali Dev deftly tied in to Pride and Prejudice with a pinch of characters here and a dash of storyline there while still maintaining its own unique twists, turns, and surprises. I enjoyed the romance, and Trisha's interactions with all her family members. The only detraction was Emma. I could understand her reluctance to give up her sight, but felt that she acted immature.

Kathy Andrico -

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