Incense and Sensibility

The Rajes Series - Book 3

By Sonali Dev

Harper Collins - July 2021

Contemporary Romance

With the help of his family and many friends, Yash Raje was on the campaign trail with the hopes of being California's next governor. He had plans and goals, but many disapproved of his ideas. Disapproved of him. And one of those people had brought a gun to a rally and had shot at him. Grazing him. His bodyguard, his friend, fought for his life.

Yash didn’t want to focus on the campaign. He couldn't concentrate on the next steps he needed to take. He grew nauseous at having to be in front of a crowd. Lucky for him, his sisters had the perfect solution for someone who could help and keep confidences. Unluckily for him, it was the one woman he could see a future with. Which was inconvenient when he'd made a pact with his best friend on a pretend courtship.

India Dashwood needed to focus on her mother’s health, and finding a way to increase their earnings between their yoga studio and incense sales. She never anticipated her friends to bring their brother to her for help. Of course they could trust her to keep their secrets, but she and Yash had their own secret. One beautiful day that she had placed so many hopes on, until he had left her to go to another.

She could see his pain, still feel their connection, but she knew better than to trust this man again with her heart.

Incense and Sensibility brings a unique twist to Jane Austen’s story. I enjoyed seeing different bits of the original blended by Sonali Dev into a fascinating romance. Yash is a true hero, dedicated to his family, friends, and actually everyone. India is a caring heroine, focused on helping her mother, and of course Yash. Although part of a series, Incense and Sensibility does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico -

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