A Distant Heart

By Sonali Dev

Kensington - January 2018

Contemporary Romance

A Distant Heart is the fourth book in Sonali Dev's series. It is lightly tied to the first two stories, but has spoilers for the third, A Change of Heart. I would highly recommend reading A Change of Heart first.

Rahul's life had fallen apart, and while still a youth, he took on the responsibility of caring for his family. That included paying back a debt. What should have been a simple maintenance job soon became so much more. He had discovered a girl behind the window. A girl in the house who couldn't live a life so many took for granted. A girl whose very heartbeat threatened to be her last.

That was in the past, and now Kimi was a woman, and she had a new lease on life. She had been one of the lucky ones, she had not only received a heart transplant, but it had been a complete success. Kimi was determined to live life to the fullest, even if that meant leaving Rahul in her past. He had chosen not to be with her. He had turned away from her love. Now, she would find a future, without Rahul.

But their past was threatening everyone again. The madman who Rahul had shot and arrested was awake, and had escaped. Kimi was in his sights, and only with Rahul can she stay safe and learn the truth of why this killer was fixated on her.

A Distant Heart is both a best friends romance and a reunion story. The story begins with Kimi firmly pushing Rahul out of her life. Flashbacks throughout the story shows the growth of love between Rahul and Kimi, but we also learn why Rahul is so determined to keep distance between them. Although I am not a fan of extensive flashbacks, I did enjoy watching their history unfold. Even better was seeing Rahul finally accept Kimi as who she is - the perfect woman just for him.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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