A Change of Heart

By Sonali Dev

Kensington - September 2016

Contemporary Romance

For those of you who read Bollywood Bride, you will remember that Vikram and Ria's reunion and romance was set during the preparations for Nic and Jen's wedding. A Change of Heart is set two years after the murder of Jen, and is a new romance for Nic.

Dr. Nikhil Joshi was a disaster. He knew he was, but he couldn't bring himself to face life after the loss of his wife. He only held the position of doctor onboard a cruise ship due to a friendship. But then, he thought he was losing his mind. Was he imagining seeing his wife's ghost? Hearing her voice? Believing what could only be a scam?

Jess Koirala couldn't possibly be telling the truth, but how could she know the innermost secrets of his Jen? She claimed that she had received his wife's heart, and Jen was communicating with her. Jen wanted him to find the evidence against those who had killed not only her, but so many others.

Nic had been immune to everyone for the past two years. His family who had wanted to help heal him. The cop who wanted his help in finding Jen's killer. Nothing had moved him until this woman.

And that scared him more than anything.

Sonali Dev proves once again what an exceptional writer she is. A Change of Heart repeatedly tears out the reader's heart. Not only with Nic's pain, but the tragic past Jess herself has had to overcome. Only these two people who have had such heartache are able to heal each other. However, I did have a very difficult time starting this story due to the murder of Jen. She was a character I had enjoyed, and I read romances so that HEAs are always guaranteed - even though we had not technically witnessed Nic and Jen's romance. I decided to give Ms Dev a one-time pass, and am happy I did.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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