Midnight Rendezvous

Short Story in The Promise of Love Anthology

By Jamie Denton

Berkley Sensation - June 2011

Contemporary Romance

Six authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Six short stories filled with passion and healing. The Promise of Love is an anthology of six romances written to support a charity.

Burnett Dupree had returned home to New Orleans. He needed to take control of his life. His life in New York was full of failure, both professionally, and personally. His last Broadway production had been a disaster, and his drinking had been a primary cause of his less than stellar writing. In New Orleans he could restart his life and find inspiration. He never expected to find his inspiration in the middle of the night.

Maya Pomeroy had returned home to New Orleans. Once a darling of the runways, a horrible accident had left her a mockery to the cameras. She needed time in the pool for rehabilitation. She had thought the clause in the rental contract had ensured her privacy, but she hadn't realized that he had a room with her as the view.

Midnight Rendezvous was a romance of passion and healing. Maya believed that she was no longer the type of woman who had hung on Burnett's arm. Burnett knew Maya was not only a muse for his writing, but also in battling his own demons.

Included in The Promise of Love are: Shelter From the Storm by Lori Foster, Take Me Home by Erin McCarthy, Razor's Edge by Sylvia Day, Midnight Rendezvous by Jamie Denton, Dime Store Cowboy by Kate Douglas, and Life in the Past Lane by Kathy Love.

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