Too Wilde To Tame

Wilde Series - Book 7

By Janelle Denison

Berkley - September 2005

Contemporary Romance

Cameron Sinclair should have known that Mia Wilde would be interrupting his evening by showing up at the Electric Blue. After all, he was at the hottest nightclub in Chicago, just the place one of the sexiest women he knew would fit right in. But Mia didn't just fit in, she stood out among all the women there. The way she dressed, spoke, stood... drew the attention of every male eye. She was not the kind of woman he was interested in, which is why he had rebuffed all the innuendoes she had thrown his way over the past several months. He might normally go out with her once and try to get her out of his system, but considering she was his business partner's cousin - that was out of the question.

Mia had wanted Cameron for a very long time, but he had maintained an iron will that she didn't think would ever crack. Joining the wet t-shirt contest that night had been an act of spontaneity, something she tended to do, something Cameron tended to avoid. But it definitely had the desired results. Not only had Cam's resolve cracked, a fierce dominant male had broken free. But an overprotective sibling was not what she wanted. She didn't want him to think she needed him to protect her, she wanted him to want her. Desire her. What she didn't count on was that he did.

Their passionate encounter should have remained a memory, a part of their past. But a series of sinister letters forces Mia to come to Cameron for help. He was an investigator and would be able to protect her while not being as overbearing as her family. But these letters force Mia to do something else as well. Why is it that she feels that she must always push the boundaries... be the center of attention?

Ms Denison has written an exciting romance between two people who have fought the attraction to their breaking point - and boy, watch while the sparks fly! Not only does Cameron help his damsel in distress by searching for her stalker, but he helps her come to terms with how her behavior has been interpreted by others when she comes face to face with pictures depicting herself in a less than flattering manner. Cameron is proud of Mia as she grows and becomes more sure of herself, but worries whether there will be a place for him once her stalker has been found.

Too Wilde to Tame is the seventh installment of Janelle Denison's Wilde series. Although part of a series, it stands completely on its own. And, this reviewer definitely plans on reading the previous books right away.

Kathy Andrico -