Born To Be Wilde

Wilde Series - Book 8

By Janelle Denison

Berkley Sensation - September 2007

Contemporary Romance

When Joel Wilde gets a call for a favor from Zach Marshall, he feels honor bound to help. Not only did he specialize in such a situation, but Zach and he had been in the marines together, and Zach had literally saved his life. Now Zach had put both his and his sister's lives in jeopardy. Due to his gambling debt, a ruthless bookie has Lora in his sights. If Joel doesn't protect her, her life could be forfeit.

Lora Marshall worked as both a massage therapist and a cocktail waitress and typically didn't fraternize with any of her clients. However, she decided to make an exception with the sinfully sexy Joel who had been coming into the bar and asking for her. Learning that he had served with Zach, Lora was much more relaxed in accepting Joel's undeniable attention.

Joel knows he's walking a fine line. He needs to shower Lora with enough attention to allow her to accept his presence in her life. But when he's around her, Joel is consumed with Lora, yet he still needs to keep alert for those threatening her life.

Born to Be Wilde is yet another sizzling romance by Janelle Denison. I loved the romance between Joel and Lora, but absolutely fell in love with the secondary characters Sydney and Daniel and their relationship. Janelle simply creates amazing depth of character, regardless of how significant, or insignificant, that individual character may be in that story. At the beginning of the book, Ms Denison states that she will be continuing the "Wilde" series with Joel's friends, and I am simply thrilled.

Kathy Andrico -