Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent

By Judi Dench with Brendan O'Hea

April 2024


What would it be like to sit and chat with a world renowned actress and hear tantalizing tidbits of her experiences over a well decorated career spanning multiple decades? Luckily, we have been given the opportunity with Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent.

Brendan O'Hea had interviewed Dame Judi Dench over the course of several years to record her experiences performing in Shakespeare plays. This has now been turned into a book. Mr O'Hea asks Dame Dench questions of the various plays she was in, as well as the various roles in the plays. Readers are then treated to conversations between two colleagues and gifted with their observations, thoughts, and stories.

Informative and utterly entertaining, Ms Dench's triumphs and mishaps will make you laugh and cry. She has worked with so many exceptional actors it was always fascinating to see who would be mentioned next. Even more interesting is her insight into the works of William Shakespeare and acting. Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays the Rent is the perfect read for any fan of Dame Dench and those who enjoy the theater. And with all the knowledge she is sharing, a must read for those pursuing acting.

Kathy Andrico -


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