Molly Wants a Hero

Short Story in Love Bites Anthology

By Virna DePaul

HQN - June 2012

Contemporary Romance

Five authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Love Bites is an anthology of five romances written to support a charity.

As a crisis counselor , Molly Peterson received all types of calls, but the one from Officer Wade King was most memorable. He not only called to confirm his suspicions of his suspect, but he called back about his own grandfather. Molly had no difficulties agreeing to discuss anything with Officer King. His voice was yummy, and after he rescued her from an attacker, she knew that his body was even yummier.

From the moment he heard her voice , Wade was intrigued with Molly. Her compassion and dedication fascinated him. And her composure after her attack lead him to believe she was one incredible individual. But she was wary, determined not to pursue a relationship with him.

Although he would never cross an unforgiveable boundary, Wade was quite determined to continue this pursuit to the end.

Molly Wants a Hero is an entertaining romance with compassion, humor, and a touch of suspense. Someone has attacked Molly, and Wade is her own hero to the rescue. I adored Wade, so dedicated to doing what is right, in his career, and in the care of his grandfather. Gator, Molly's parrot, with his chatter, is certain to entertain all readers.

Included in Love Bites are: Love Unleashed by Lori Foster, Smookie and the Bandit by Brenda Jackson, Dog Tags by Catherine Mann, Mane Haven by Jules Bennett, and Molly Wants a Hero by Virna DePaul.

Kathy Andrico -

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