The White Rabbit

By Autumn Dawn

New Concepts Publishing - Dec 2007

Paranormal Romance

After the death of her grandmother, Ali faced mounting debts. She hoped that hidden treasures might help financially, but never anticipated what she would find in the cheval mirror her grandmother had always used. Suddenly, instead of her reflection, she could see a tree, and then she was among the trees, on a path, and about to be run over by a man on a, well, she didn't know what it was called, so considered it a motorcycle for lack of a better word.

The rider was called Rabbit, and there was a white rabbit on his machine. This was just the first of many coincidences that made Ali wonder what was real, and what wasn't. It was simply too magical to be real, but sometimes this place seemed more real than her own life.

The White Rabbit was yet another enjoyable fantasy romance by Autumn Dawn. I enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland parallel, and adored the hero, Rabbit. As can be expected with any story by this author, a new fascinating world was created with engaging characters and I would be more than happy to revisit these characters again.

Kathy Andrico -