When Sparks Fly

Spark Series - Book 2 (Prequel to Book 1)

By Autumn Dawn

Lovespell - June 2009

Futuristic Romance

Gem Harrisdaughter took her responsibilities seriously. After the death of their father, she had taken over the running of The Spark, and watching over her two younger sisters. Now, instead of watching them grow, they were contributors in the success of the inn. The inn was not only their inheritance, but their future, and Gem took fierce pride in The Spark's reputation, and would not allow anything to tarnish it.

Still, she had a soft spot for strays. Hyna Blue was one such stray. He came in, nursed his drink, and left. She didn't know if he had a home, or a job. Offering him one did come with conditions, such as bathing and not being drunk. He also needed to learn to keep his hands to himself.

Blue had his own reasons for accepting the job. Gem might believe that her biggest problems were the neighbor kid and an occasional drunk, but trouble had already passed through the threshold of the inn, and soon, all their lives would be in jeopardy.

When Sparks Fly was a thrilling futuristic with a touch of intrigue, and teeming with sensual promise. Gem is immediately drawn to Blue, but the strictures of their culture are very restrictive, and she knows that there would not be a future with him. Yet when Gem finds herself as a target, it is Blue who comes to her rescue, and she questions everything she knows about him. When Sparks Fly is technically the second book in Autumn Dawn's Spark series, but is actually set before No Words Alone. It does stand alone, and the books can be read in either order, although it was confusing at first until I realized that it was actually a prequel.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com