No Words Alone

Spark Series - Book 1

By Autumn Dawn

Lovespell - December 2008

Futuristic Romance

After a battle between the Galactic Explorers and the Scorpio, both ships crash land on a harsh planet. Xera, a member of the GE, is uncomfortable with her crew, and distrustful of the captain, but she trusts them more then the Scorpio. They are the unknown, her enemy.

As both crews work together to reach shelter, tensions rise. Xera is drawn to Ryven, the enigmatic commander of the Scorpio, but distrusts his underlying intentions. As the translator of her crew, and only member able to speak their language, Xera must interact with the Scorpio, but this continues to put her in a precarious position, and she knows that she must make a decision who to trust more.

Then all decisions are taken from her

No Words Alone is another intriguing futuristic romance by Autumn Dawn, filled with fascinating cultures, interesting characters, and a touching romance. As the first in her new Spark series, this book sets the stage for a series that has the potential for multiple stories. I would love to learn more of Xera's people, but also return to the Scorpio and see some of them find love.

Kathy Andrico -