No One Heard Her Scream

No One Series - Book 1

By Jordan Dane

Avon - April 2008

Romantic Suspense

It was the agony of the unknown that could defeat a person, as Detective Rebecca Montgomery personally could attest. Her sister had been missing for five months. Five months of imagining every horrible scenario possible. Then, a blood splattered room, and the reality sets in that Danielle must be dead, and may never be found.

Becca wants nothing more than to be able to investigate her sister's disappearance, and see what, if any, link there is to other missing girls. Instead, she is assigned an arson case, which inadvertently uncovered a body hidden in the wall. Determined to bring closure to one family, Becca embarks on solving a mystery that, as she progresses, seems to have more questions than answers.

The biggest question of all was the enigmatic Diego Galvan. He first makes an appearance at the arson site, then it is discovered that he has ties to possibly two mafia bosses. He definitely is involved with some dirty players, yet Becca's instincts insist that he is someone she can trust. Soon, he may prove to be the only person she can rely on.

Jordan Dane is a talented new author who will make her mark with her debut novel, No One Heard Her Scream. This was a riveting read that grabbed me immediately from the first page. I was emotionally invested with the characters - not only the hero and heroine, who were heroic in every sense of the word, but also the missing and dead girls, who needed justice.

No One Heard Her Scream is the first of the No One Trilogy. However, it stands completely on its own, and the characters do not continue into the next books. Instead, the series is linked by being a series of mysteries involving female detectives. I anticipate a phenomenal career for this new author.

Kathy Andrico -