If You Believe in Me

By Natalie J. Damschroder

Entangled Publishing - December 2012

Contemporary Romance

Kale Riker hadn't realized how much time had passed. When he'd agreed to this assignment, he had known the risks. Had known the importance of the work. But it had been too long since he had been in contact with his family. With Amber. He wanted to simply finish this assignment and go home.

He wasn't dead. Amber Benedict would know if Kale was gone. Everyone around her told her to accept it, she couldn't. She wanted to keep on as normal. Well, as normal as it was when the one you loved wasn't with you.

It was difficult to continue on Christmas traditions, even if they were new traditions, when Kale's parents had also given up hope. They were leaving to go on vacation for the holidays. It shouldn't hurt so much. The knowledge that they had chosen to move on. The fact that they had excluded her from their planning, but it did. But Amber was strong, and she had faith that Kale would come home for Christmas.

If You Believe in Me is a sweet romance of hope and reunion. Kale and Amber are already in love, so instead of the typical romance story arc, it is the trust in their love that drives the storyline. It was difficult to see how Amber was alone in her determination to believe that Kale was alright, and made their reunion even more moving. I would have preferred to see the romance between Kale and Amber from when they met and fell in love as part of this story which would have shown why Amber had such complete faith that Kale would return. I enjoyed this sweet short Christmas reunion romance.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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