Brianna's Navy Seal

Brook Hollow Trilogy - Book 3

By Natalie J. Damschroder

Amber Quill Press - 2007

Contemporary Romance

Brianna Macgregor had always yearned for an adventure. When she finally had the opportunity for one, it had turned into a nightmare that she still hadn't recovered from. She was now perfectly happy living her life in Brook Hollow. She loved her family and she adored her work as an elementary teacher.

Ex-Navy Seal, Cable Addison was new to Brook Hollow and was happy to settle down into his new role as a kindergarten teacher. It may seem odd to some for him to be a teacher, but Cable intended to prove the stereotypical image wrong, and demonstrate his abilities. Once school started, Cable quickly decided fellow schoolteacher Brianna was a challenge he wished to meet, and luckily her mother was on his side. Cable was determined to win Brianna, regardless of old enemies, some close, others potentially deadly.

I was engrossed by Brianna's Navy Seal from page one. Natalie J. Damschroder created fully developed characters and an appealing storyline that will keep readers entertained. The plot was not predictable, and I enjoyed how Cable was a fully capable teacher. I didn't realize that Brianna's Navy Seal is the third romance in the Brook Hollow Trilogy until after I finished the story. It completely stands on its own, but I enjoyed the family enough that I plan to return to Brook Hollow and read Brianna's sisters' stories.

Kathy Andrico -