Your Room Or Mine?

Short Story in Double The Pleasure Anthology

By Jacquie D'Alessandro

Berkley Sensation - December 2008

Contemporary Romance

Jack Walker was fed up. He had been hired as CFO after an embezzlement, and needed to turn the accounting department into a cohesive unit. Instead of allowing Jack to simply do his job, his boss, Gavin, had hired a consultant, Madeline Price. She watched everyone's move, and interfered every step of the way. Now, she had proposed a "bonding" weekend for the department, with Madeline yet again observing.

Madeline was used to people feeling resentment towards her, it was part of the job. However, Jack's disdain seemed to push all her buttons. Granted he was handsome, but it was only skin deep. He was everything she didn't like in a man.

That was until they meet at the resort, and a mix-up makes them realize that it wasn't only their luggage that had been misplaced - so had their opinions of one another.

Your Room or Mine? was an enjoyable story of misunderstandings and reconciliation. Jack was a perfect hero, wanting more in a relationship than just sex. Jack and Madeline had formed erroneous opinions of one another based on observations. I enjoyed watching them realize their error and find one another.

Your Room or Mine? is a short story in the Double the Pleasure anthology. Also included are Deuces Wild by Lori Foster, The Luck of the Irish by Deirdre Martin and Double the Danger by Penny McCall.

Kathy Andrico -