Noel's Puppy Power

Black Swan Series - Book 1.5

By KaLyn Cooper


Contemporary Romance

Noel's Puppy Power is a short story in KaLyn Cooper's Black Swan series, but does stand on its own.

Tanner Hill was spending his Christmas Eve alone. Alone, that is, with his dogs, one of which was giving birth to a new litter of puppies. All boys so far. Apollo, the father, continued to sire all male puppies, which worked out well. Often, male service dogs were requested for the veterans with PTSD. When Dr. Bailey Conrad unexpectedly arrived, he was not only surprised, but pleased to spend time with her. He appreciated watching her with the new puppies, and barely resisted her allure. He wanted to kiss her, but knew he should keep their relationship professional. Bailey provided him with the veterans who would receive the dogs he trained.

Bailey had only recently felt confident to pursue a relationship, and she'd thought that Tanner reciprocated her interest. She had even thought Tanner was about to kiss her, but he'd pulled away. That was until Tanner's friend, and vet, Dr. Case Miller, arrived. Case had a natural charm and good looks but didn't pique Bailey's interest. However, she did appreciate the change in Tanner, because he finally made the move forward from friend to possibly more.

Noel's Puppy Power is a sweet story of two people slowly making their way together. Tanner and Bailey are both ready only for the tentative steps of a new relationship. I liked watching how their romance slowly grows. It was perfect for them. I was also intrigued in meeting the members of the Black Swan and plan to return.

Kathy Andrico -