Lust's Betrayal

By Debby Conrad

January 2006

Romantic Suspense

It had been fourteen years since Ross McLaughlin had been home. The mysterious death of his wife, the suspicions of adultery, and so many lies had kept him away. That also meant that his daughter Emma was becoming a young lady, but had never met any of her extended family. It was time to return to Falcon Ridge.

Time passes, and people change, regardless of how they stay eternally young in memory. Ross's mother had Alzheimer's, but had stages of lucidity. Still, the secrets and lies were there. He wanted to protect Emma from the truth of her mother.

Doctor Elizabeth Larson was new to Falcon Ridge, but she had heard the rumors and stories about Ross McLaughlin and the death of his wife. Libby cared for her patients, both their physical and emotional well-being. Meeting Ross and Emma, Libby is interested in them more than as a doctor. She's attracted to Ross, and likes Emma as a young friend.

Ross, however, knows that his time in Falcon Ridge is short. The two of them must return home.

The suspense of Lust's Betrayal begins on page one. It is fourteen years earlier, and we meet Ross's wife Meredith, learn some insight about her, and witness her death. The lies and secrets surrounding her have kept Ross away, but as with most secrets, the truth will finally be revealed. Debby Conrad has written a page-turner with a whole family of suspects, but who are also individuals that the reader will care for.

Kathy Andrico -