Seduction Game

The I-Team Series - Book 7

By Pamela Clare

InterMix - November 2015

Romantic Suspense

Nick Andris' fiancee had been executed in front of him during an assignment that had gone horribly wrong. Since then, he'd dreamed of one assignment, and he finally had been given it. He had been given the order to kill the man, Dudaev, who had murdered Dani, and retrieve a flash drive with sensitive information. But there was one problem with the assignment. Holly Elise Bradshaw. He'd been told she was Dudaev's contact, and Nick was to investigate her and neutralize her as well.

But Nick knew someone must have made a mistake. After spying on Holly, searching her home, electronics and listening in on her conversations, Nick suspected only one thing of Holly - she was exactly what she seemed. An innocent in a deadly game.

Holly finally had found a place to call home. She enjoyed her position at the paper, and she had friends who she considered family. She has her own plans with Dudaev, but her life turns upside down when she finds herself in bed with a dead man. People are after her, and the only person she might be able to trust is the one man who ends up hurting her the most.

Seduction Game presents one question after another. When you think you know something, that only leads to more mystery. Nick and Holly don't know who to trust, but they both know they can't trust the people shooting at them. There were a couple issues that bothered me, which I won't reveal due to spoilers, but overall, I really enjoyed this I-Team addition. Filled with action, mystery and romance, Seduction Game is a pager turner that will leave readers eager for the next I-Team book.

Kathy Andrico -


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