Close to Heaven

Colorado High Country Series - Book 5

By Pamela Clare

November 2017

Contemporary Romance

Rain Minear had met the challenges life had given her, and succeeded. She had raised a strong independent daughter who was now finding her own place in the world. She had her own home, a job that had gotten her to where she was today, and a boss that she loved. And not in the platonic sense.

Joe Moffat had certain rules he lived by. Many had to do with his upbringing and wanting to give back to the community. This was something that he had not learned from his parents. Instead of living the jet-setting life his money could give him, he owned and ran a bar in a small town. One of the most important rules he lived by was becoming harder and harder to follow. He would not be one of those men who hit on his female employees. No matter how difficult it was becoming to ignore his feelings for Rain.

When Joe learns that Rain is in danger, nothing can keep him from rushing to help however he can. When Rain needs a place to stay, there is nowhere he wants her to be, other than with him. And when a snowstorm keeps them indoors together, Joe must face his feelings for Rain and decide once and for all if Rain is simply his employee, or someone much more.

Close to Heaven was a wonderful Christmas romance. The employer - employee conflict is an important one. Considering that these two people have worked together for two decades, such rules can be adjusted, but I appreciated how important it was to Joe. That is Joe, trying to do the right thing, and rectify wrongs. Rain is the perfect heroine to shake up Joe's life and bring him beauty, happiness, and love. I enjoyed that we got to see Joe and Rain's courtship all the way to the very end. I hope that there are more Colorado High Country stories.

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