Slow Burn

Colorado High Country Series - Book 2

By Pamela Clare

September 2016

Contemporary Romance

Victoria Woodley had been to Scarlet Springs before. She had come trying to convince her best friend Lexi not to fall for the man who had once broken Lexi's heart, and to remind her that her home was in Chicago. Things hadn't worked out quite as planned. She'd met a sexy stranger that she'd flirted with at the airport. He'd told her that he was there to stop some guy who was coming to break up his best friend and the woman he loved. The stranger turned out to be one of Lexi's friends, Eric Hawke. Even more shocking was that Lexi had chosen not to return to Chicago, and had indeed stayed in Scarlet Springs.

And now Lexi was marrying her first love, Austin. Vic was returning to Scarlet Springs for the wedding, and who should once again show up at the airport but Eric.

Eric had no intention of starting anything with Vic. She was his friend's best friend, and she lived in Chicago. He would not go through what he'd seen Austin go through wanting a woman who didn't want to live in Scarlet Springs. As members of the wedding party, they were spending time together, and the more time he spent with Vic, Eric realized she was unhappy with her life. She couldn't go a few hours without being in contact with her boss - even when she was on vacation prepping for her best friend's wedding. Eric didn't think that was any way to live a life, but he could only live his own. He couldn't make someone else's decisions... although he could try to coax her.

Slow Burn was an entertaining second installment to Pamela Clare's Colorado High Country series. I had enjoyed Eric's character from the first moment we met him in Barely Breathing. Funny, flirty, sexy, and committed to his friends, Eric needed an exceptional woman, and Vic was the perfect woman for him. I enjoyed watching these two characters find their happily ever after, and revisiting favorite characters. I look forward to the next Colorado High Country story.

Kathy Andrico -


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