Barely Breathing

Colorado High Country Series - Book 1

By Pamela Clare

May 2016

Contemporary Romance

Lexi Jewell was returning home. No, that wasn't right. Home was in Chicago. She was returning to the place where she had grown up, where her father and stepmother ran a Bed and Breakfast. Where she had fallen in love, and had her heart broken. She had absolutely no intention of staying. She would help her father get his life back on track, maybe help salvage his marriage, and she was leaving. Hopefully without ever seeing Austin Taylor.

Austin had once thought he'd had the perfect future planned, the woman he wanted to marry, have children with, and spend his life with - right here in Scarlet Springs. But Lexi had had other ideas, plans that didn't include Scarlet Springs, or him. He'd known Lexi was coming to town, couldn't live in Scarlet Springs without knowing everyone else's business, but he'd never expected to see her so quickly. Or his response at seeing her.

But that didn't matter. He belonged in Scarlet Springs, and she belonged elsewhere, out of his life. Maybe with the time that had passed, and knowing there could be no long term relationship, they could be friends once again. They could even be friends with benefits and he could keep his heart intact. And maybe someday, he'd learn not to lie to himself.

Barely Breathing is a sexy introduction to Pamela Clare's Colorado High Country series. Lexi and Austin is a reunion romance, which I always enjoy. But it is also a reunion of Lexi with her family and home. She had run so far, only to find un-happiness. She is set on believing her life is in Chicago, but the longer she stays in Scarlet Springs, she realizes that her life, and heart, are here. Barely Breathing has engaging characters, some certain to have their own stories, others will simply be enjoyable characters that readers can revisit. This series also follows Ms Clare's I-Team series, and hopefully, there will be visits from those characters as well in the future.

Kathy Andrico -