Maybe Forever

Short Story in Winter Wonders Anthology

By Muncy Chapman

By Grace Publishing - 2007

Contemporary Romance

Margy Mayfield needed to sell her farm. Her husband had died leaving her in debt. Returning home after selling the bull, Margy regretted not taking up the offer of staying with Hiram, her hired hand, and his wife. A blizzard was settling in, and an inmate had escaped. Now, she was home alone with nobody near.

That was until someone knocked on her door. Fearful that it could be the escapee, Margy knew that it could also be an innocent traveler who was stranded. She couldn't allow the person to remain outside, they could die.

Maybe Forever was a very enjoyable short story with a variety of facets. There was the romance, a bit of suspense, a touch of inspirational, and a dash of adventure. I was very impressed with how Muncy Chapman created such a well rounded story in a few words.

Maybe Forever is a short story in the Winter Wonders Anthology which includes 4 stories. The other stories are Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green, Smuggler of the Heart by JoAnn Carter, and Gwen's Resolution by Meg Allison

Kathy Andrico -