Informally Yours

By Beth Caudill

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Paranormal Romance

Melinda Jenson was supposed to have made the delivery before sundown. Instead, she prioritized her promise to her niece and nephew that she would be with them for trick-or-treat. That is why she arrived after dark making a delivery to one of Formally Yours' customers.

But there was nobody home. She found herself inexplicably drawn into the home, and up the stairs. She should never have trespassed, but she felt a compulsive urge to seek. It is what finds her that changes everything.

Informally Yours was fun, light werewolf romance. I enjoyed the light tone and how werewolves were acknowledged members of society. I hope to return to the world Ms Caudill has created and learn more. In fact, my only problem was that a few times, I felt that the story jumped too quickly. I would have loved to have witnessed more of Melinda's experiences, than to have learned about them after the fact.

Kathy Andrico -