The Wedding Rescue

The Rescue Series - Book 1

Harlequin American Romance #1007

By Dianne Castell

February 2004

Contemporary Romance

Tanner Davenport has arrived home on a mission. His staid, reserved brother Nate was engaged to marry the local party girl Savannah. Nate belonged on the ranch, Savannah belonged on a magazine cover. Although he had come home for the wedding, they had no idea that his primary goal was to stop it. Tanner enlisted the aide of Savannah's older sister, Charity, with his scheme. After all, she was more mature, sensible, and he was certain that she would agree with him. But all things are fair in love and war.

And Charity wanted this marriage to go off without any hitches, Tanner Davenport or otherwise. She knew her sister may have made mistakes in the past, but there was no denying the love Nate and Savannah shared. Charity decides to outwardly agree with Tanner to help, while actually trying to keep an eye on Tanner and thwart his plans. But was there more to wanting to spend more time with Tanner?

Tanner knew that it was unwise to be attracted to Charity. Not only was he trying to stop her sister's marriage, but he lived in Alaska. He had a business there, and he hated being here. Ranch life was not for him. She belonged here - it was as much a part of Charity as breathing.

Dianne Castell expertly enchants the readers from the moment they open one of her books. She creates memorable characters, who each have their own quirks, strengths and yes, flaws. Passion, humor, and most importantly love round out her stories. This is her third story, and each one may be considered a "Keeper".

Kathy Andrico -