The Way U Look Tonight

O'Fallon's Landing - Book 2

By Dianne Castell

Brava - April 2006

Contemporary Romance

Soap star Keefe O'Fallon has returned home to O'Fallon's Landing to help with his new baby sister, as well as help his dad find the baby's mother. Instead, he was getting a crash course in babies, and all the acting lessons he had taken didn't help him fake his way through this. At first, the arrival of Callie Cahill seemed the answer to all his prayers since she was able to soothe young Bonnie. But when he learns the true reason Callie had tracked him to Mississippi, Keefe quickly realizes that he has allowed the enemy to enter his home. Callie was the personification of what he tried to avoid at all cost - she was a reporter.

Callie couldn't understand Keefe. He was one of the hottest soap stars, fans loved him, but he absolutely would not consider an interview. Keeping fans satisfied with quotes and interviews would help him stay a hot commodity in the fickle world of soap acting. Keefe treated her as if she were the plague. It was only by her capable handling of his baby sister and quick thinking that she was able to bargain for an interview. She was hoping this interview would land her a promotion to be an editor. Callie had always been intrigued by the Lex Zandor character Keefe portrayed, but as Callie started to spend more time with Keefe, she worried that she might be getting more than she had bargained for.

Baby Bonnie might be as innocent as any baby can be, but she has a whole load of trouble heading her way. Her mom is a whistleblower on the run, and the bad guys are looking for any way to draw her mom out - and using her for bait seems high on their list. Another one of her big brothers Keefe has returned home - just to protect her, and seems to be falling in love just as Big Brother Ryan had when he returned home earlier to help her. Now if only her last big brother would return and the bad guys were to be caught, then everything would be perfect!

It is a pleasure to read a book by Dianne Castell. She infuses her books with wit and diverse characters that keep the readers chuckling throughout. But it is the loving care that is displayed not only between the hero and heroine, but big brother to baby sister, among friends, and townspeople where Ms Castell excels. The town is somewhere the reader would want to call home, and the characters are people the reader would want to call friends.

Kathy Andrico -