Till There Was U

O'Fallon's Landing - Book 1

By Dianne Castell

Brava - November 2005

Contemporary Romance

Ryan O'Fallon knew that the baby in his father's care couldn't be his own. Not that he was a saint, by the stretch of anyone's imagination, but he took precautions. So when he tries to get to the bottom of the identity of the baby, and his father blows him off, Ryan decides it's best to head home.

Effie Wilson had made a bundle on Ryan, and she was counting on the project they were working on to help her gain prestige. There was no way she was going to allow him to finish their project without her. She was heading with him to O'Fallon's Landing, in Tennessee. Ryan might claim to not know whose baby it was, but she'd won enough bets in the office pools based on his dating habits to win some nice accessories. Effie just didn't trust him enough not to try to work her out of the project.

What she doesn't count on is the lure of Ryan in his natural environment would be even more potent than the Ryan at the San Diego office. Here he is more laid back, comfortable, and sexier than ever. Perhaps it would be in their best interest to have a Tennessee fling and work whatever she has for him out of her system. That should work.

Yeah, right.

This is the first of the O'Fallon books. There is a storyline that will connect the books. Even though this book stands on it's own, why would anyone ever want to read just one of Ms. Castell's books? Dianne Castell has written yet another story with complex characters where the reader cares for everyone down to the visitor from the neighboring town. She craftily writes with a wit that will make you laugh out loud on one page, cry for a character on the next, and verbally cheer one page later. I just wish I didn't have to wait so long for the rest of the stories!

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com