Short Story in Star Quality Anthology

By Dianne Castell

Brava - May 2005

Contemporary Romance

Its the blue moon, and funny things are happening in the small town of Delicious, Ohio. In Lori Foster's Once In a Blue Moon, Stan Tucker's ability to read thoughts is at its best, and he's learning that Jenna Rowan's thinking some mighty interesting activities - involving him. In Moon Magnetism by Lucy Monroe, Blake Hawthorne learns that the manager he's attracted to has more than just a magnetic personality. And in Moonstruck, Dianne Castell writes about Julia Simon who learns the classic lesson of having your wishes come true.

Finally, Julia Simon was rid of the creep who had been her husband. Flinging her ring as far from her as possible, odd coincidences begin. Her wishes start to become true. First, her ex falls in the fountain - and snorts like a pig. Even more odd, though exciting, is that the attractive young PI Marc Adams asks her out. But how can she know if it is really her that he wants, or just her wish coming true?

This is an anthology where all three stories are highly enjoyable reads. Dianne Castell's introduction to the Brava line will be well received. The readers will enjoy her wit, cast of secondary characters, and well developed hero and heroine. With a tinge of the paranormal, and two other great reads, this is an anthology to buy!

Kathy Andrico -