I'll Be Seeing U

O'Fallon's Landing - Book 3

By Dianne Castell

Brava - November 2006

Contemporary Romance

Quaid O'Fallon had been from the wrong side of the tracks, and probably would have headed down another wrong road if Rory O'Fallon hadn't adopted him and brought him into his family. After working in Alaska for the Coast Guard, he was now returning to Fallon's Landing to help protect his kid sister Baby Bonnie and aid in resolving the problems surrounding her mom.

Cynthia James never expected to return home by skulking in the middle of the night. She had been a golden girl, if there was such a thing. From the right side of the tracks, everything going for her, now she was home, divorced, in a crumbling mansion, and pretty much flat broke. What else could go wrong? Drat, everyone knows never to ask that question.

Rory O'Fallon was seeing the pieces of his life coming together. All three of his boys were home, and two were engaged to lovely women. Quaid seemed to be intent on that nice Cynthia, whose son would also fit in well with their family. Now they all needed to remove the threat to Mimi, and then Rory will be able to have all his family together.

Yet again, Dianne Castell's wit and amazing depth of character development is on display in her newest story I'll Be Seeing U. She infuses each story with vivacity, charm, and humor. There are so many characters that in the hands of a lesser author, the romance between Quaid and Cynthia would be lost. The only disappointment in reading I'll Be Seeing U is simply that it is the end of a terrific series.

One exciting little know fact is that Dianne Castell wrote a prequel to the series, describing the night Mimi leaves Baby Bonnie with Rory - The O'Fallons...Plus One - A Prequel to I'll Be Seeing U. It completes the series. It is on Amazon.com where it is available for download.

Kathy Andrico