Hot and Bothered

Savannah Series - Book 1

By Dianne Castell

Brava - April 2008

Contemporary Romance

They were four friends, all orphans, and closer than sisters. They lived in, and loved their city of Savannah, Georgia. They had made a pact, not to look at their pasts, and to embrace the families they had become part of.

Charlotte deShawn was struggling to keep her daddy's private investigation business afloat. Unfortunately, he was the real PI, but was laid up with an injury. Then Griffin Parish entered, the Griff Parish, the one with whom she'd shared flirtatious looks and fantasized over. Regrettably, he didn't want her per se. Instead, he wanted her to find Jaden Carswell. Twenty-five years ago, Jaden, then a baby, disappeared. Now, Griff's father, Otis, had passed away, and had bequeathed the hotel to Griff, and the missing daughter of Otis's murdered partner.

Prissy St. James needed the job of redecorating the historic morgue. Although she was getting bad vibes about the place, who wouldn't, she needed the money to help the sisters, the nuns who had taken her in and became her family. What she was soon to learn was decorating was the easy part. There were still several other aspects of such a project that were beyond her - especially coming up with a business plan. That is where bank president Sam Pate's expertise came in. Unfortunately, Sam's position at the bank, and their combustible reaction to each other, causes for unavoidable conflicts.

What nobody in Savannah realizes is that perhaps there is more at work than a missing baby, necklace, and two of four friends starting to find love. There is still a murderer out there still searching, and may not be afraid of resorting to murder again.

Hot and Bothered is the first of a two book series of four friends finding love, and searching for answers to an unsolved murder case. As can be expected with any book by Ms Castell, there is a slew of fully developed characters that are a pure joy to meet. Also, there are several viable options as to the mystery of baby Jaden, and the necklace. I am eager to read the next book in this series, watch BrieAnna and Bebe find their loves, and for the case to finally be solved.

Kathy Andrico -