Home For Christmas

O'Fallon's Landing - Book 4

Short Story in I'm Your Santa Anthology

By Dianne Castell

Brava - October 2007

Contemporary Romance

It was supposed to be a spontaneous moment quickly forgotten. She'd got caught up in the moment, they'd both been dumped, and Lulu Cahill had had sex with a stranger in the town gazebo. They both agreed they'd be leaving town, and they'd never see each other again. Only Lulu couldn't leave. She was broke and worked in the diner. She needed that job, and any extra work she could get. Learning that the other half of her gazebo tryst was still in town set her on edge. She wanted to be with him again, but she absolutely did not need to find a man while on the rebound.

Sebastian Moore could not understand his family. The wedding was cancelled, yet they were still going on with everything, just not the ceremony. They figured since everyone was in town already, the money already spent, they might as well enjoy the party. Unfortunately, it was obvious that they'd decided to bring Lulu in to help with the intention of setting them up together, but he knew better than to get into another relationship. He was a member of special forces, and it wasn't fair to a woman to be left behind while he went off for duty.

Home For Christmas is a follow-up story to Dianne Castell's O'Fallon series. Lulu is the sister of Callie, from The Way U Look Tonight. As can be expected, there is an entire cast of secondary characters helping the hero and heroine, or hindering depending on point of view.

Also in this anthology are Lori Foster's The Christmas Present and Karen Kelley's It's a Wonderful Life. This is an anthology certain to bring readers into the holiday spirit.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com