Holly in His Heart

Short Story in The Morgue the Merrier Anthology

By Dianne Castell

Zebra Books - September 2007

Paranormal Romance

It's Christmastime, and they've all settled in at the Sleigh Bells Inn in the Christmas themed town of Christmastown. What many don't know, is the history of the inn. Before it became the inn, there had been a fire, and one section of the inn used to be the town morgue. Now three couples come together during the holidays, with a little help of the resident ghosts.

When Holly Green had seen Case McGill, she thought that all her dreams were finally coming true. He had returned to her. Case. The man that she loved. Her ex-fiance who had left town to start a business had finally returned. For her.

Then she had learned the truth. Case had actually been forced to land on his way somewhere else, and had not been returning to her.

Case had left town, and Holly, to start his own business. He had wanted Holly to leave with him, but she hadn't. Returning to the rejuvenated town, Holly was now mayor, and Case wanted her just as much as he ever had. He wanted her to leave with him when he flew away, but Holly had responsibilities and ties to this town.

Holly in His Heart was a fun fast paced reunion romance. The action starts on the first page when Holly mistakenly believes Case has returned for her. Then the characters charge through Christmas Eve, trying to impress a critic, entertain the tourists, and help a ghost named Sweet Savannah Sue return to her beloved. Holly in His Heart is a short story in The Morgue the Merrier Anthology which includes 3 stories, plus a bonus. The other stories are Dead Certain by Rosemary Laurey, Blue Suede Christmas and the bonus story Thank You, Santa! both by Karen Kelley.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com