A Cowboy and A Kiss

Harlequin American Romance #1047

By Dianne Castell

December 2004

Contemporary Romance

What else could Sophie Addison do when her best friend Sunny Kelly came to her needing help? She had given her a place to hide out, and gone to Tranquility Texas to sell the bar, The Smokehouse, Sunny had inherited to pay off Cement Sam. But when an accident causes her to lose her memory, she believes that she is the Reno showgirl Sunny - not financial attorney Sophie.

From the moment Grey McBride lays eyes on Sunny, he knows he's in trouble. Attracted to her from the start, Sunny's exactly the kind of girl he can't date. Determined to prove himself responsible to his brother, Grey is running for mayor. His campaign promise is simple - buy the Smokehouse and expand the existing firehouse into it.

Unfortunately, Sunny has another idea. After all, she can't remember how to dance anymore, so her career as a showgirl is gone. Also, she must have learned a lot from Reader's Digest, because she can automatically answer any financial question. Since she already owns the Smokehouse - why not keep it open? It's the perfect solution. There's just the little problem of one hunky mayoral candidate she'll have to deal with.

As expected, Dianne Castell has delivered a romance jam packed with humor, colorful characters, and a thoroughly entertaining plot. Ms Castell captures her readers from page one, and keeps the storyline flowing so that the end comes much too soon. Dianne Castell is a rising star in the romance genre, and all her books are keepers.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com