Smuggler of the Heart

Short Story in Winter Wonders Anthology

By JoAnn Carter

By Grace Publishing - 2007

Contemporary Romance

Samantha was visiting her old home in Stowe. Inevitably, she started comparing Stowe to where she lived now in Trenton. She knew she shouldn't do that, they were too different. But different could be good. And although she missed her grandparents, Trenton had its own history.

While visiting with her grandmother, they came upon a chest with a rich historical past. She also attended church where she was reunited with her old boyfriend Tim. These two events helped Samantha realize that much had been missing in her life. She had lost her passion for history. She also missed having someone in her life. Most of all, she had lost God.

Coming home, she was able to find everything.

Smuggler of the Heart was an inspirational romance about a woman reuniting with God. By finding Him, she is able to realize what she wants and needs in her life. The inspirational aspect of this story is the primary focus and should satisfy readers searching for a good inspirational read. Samantha was a well developed character. The reader experiences her growth in allowing God back into her life. However, the romance seemed to be secondary, and since this was a short story, it was rather simplistic.

Smuggler of the Heart is a short story in the Winter Wonders Anthology which includes 4 stories. The other stories are Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green, Gwen's Resolution by Meg Allison, and Maybe Forever by Muncy Chapman.

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