The Highlander's Christmas Lassie

Have Yourself a Merry Little Scandal Anthology

By Anna Campbell

October 2020

Historical Romance

For almost two decades, Malcolm Innes, Laird of Dun Carron had never faltered in his quest. He had searched for the only woman he'd loved who had been cast out by his father with the child she had borne. After learning of her death, his heart had broken, but he had still searched for the child, who would now be almost a man. Then he had heard of someone who was his younger image, so he had arrived at Burnside Farm hoping at this last home he would find his son. Only to discover so much more.

Rhona Macleod was not happy to see who at the door of her and her son's home. The intruder could turn around, leave, and never return. She and Patrick were doing very well and neither of them needed that betrayer. Unfortunately, Patrick had a kind heart, and Malcolm obviously had no intention of leaving either of them alone. That was fine, she had years of hurt to keep her from relenting.

Only to discover that perhaps everything she had believed true could have been lies.

The Highlander's Christmas Lassie is the perfect reunion romance for Christmas. Rhona is a strong heroine. Having been left with nothing, she had forged a new life for her and Patrick. Malcolm is a loving hero who never gave up hope or his love. Full of forgiveness, healing and love, The Highlander's Christmas Lassie is another wonderful holiday read by Anna Campbell.

Kathy Andrico -


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