The Christmas Stranger

By Anna Campbell

November 2017

Historical Romance

Maggie Carr had once celebrated lively Christmas holidays with her parents. When her father had passed, she and her mother had moved to the manor of a cousin, where her mother had been housekeeper. Now, her mother was also gone, as were the remainder of the help. Maggie would be spending Christmas completely isolated and alone.

Josiah Hale, an architect, had been asked by his godfather to go to Thorncroft Hall to review it. He was happy to avoid his family and any potential matchmaking, and quite unaware that his mother had contacted his godfather to find a potential bride. Even worse, his somewhat absentminded godfather had neglected to forward a message on to the hall, much to the surprise of the sole individual in attendance.

Joss knew that remaining alone with a young lady was inappropriate, but the weather warranted taking the risk. He quickly found himself enchanted by Maggie and wanted to learn more about her. He wanted to share the holiday with her, and soon, so much more.

The Christmas Stranger was a sweet Christmas read. Joss is a fun hero determined to win over Maggie. First in friendship, and eager to decorate and spread the holiday cheer, then in having a life together. Maggie is hesitant due to their differences in status, but Joss is more than determined to overcome any potential challenges. Reading an Anna Campbell Christmas novella is becoming an annual tradition that I anticipate each year.

Kathy Andrico -


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